• Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Fire Alarm*
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Chemical Suppression
  • Kitchen Suppression 
  • Access Control Systems*
  • CCTV & IP Video Systems*
  • Consulting & Training
  • Backflow Training Classes

Why call two, three, or even more companies when you can call Old Guard to handle all of your life safety needs?  

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Veteran Owned and Operated

Not just an investment in property, ​but an investment in life.

Old Guard is a full-service fire protection company serving the entire state of New Mexico. Whether it's commercial, industrial, or residential, we guarantee accurate proposals that fit your budget and projects that perform to plan,  Our commitment to excellent customer service and competitive pricing   has made us one of the most outstanding  and trusted companies in the state.

*Old Guard Inc reserves the right to use subcontractors.